Custom Hearing Protection

Microtone Audiology offers different custom hearing protection for different listening situations.

  • hearing_protectionSwim Plugs – Designed for swimming or showering to prevent moisture from entering the canal. A wide array of special, fun color options is available.
  • Noise/Sleeping Plugs – These ear plugs are made for use in industrial settings or for every day noisy tasks such as mowing the lawn or working around power tools.  Sleeping plugs are made with very soft material and can be used while sleeping.
  • Musician’s Ear Plugs: These filtered earplugs are designed for musicians, music lovers, or dentists. The flat attenuation characteristics allow music or speech to be heard accurately at a safer volume, thus reducing volume levels evenly without affecting the overall sound quality. There are options of 9dB, 15dB, 20dB or 25dB filters.
  • Electronic Shooter Plugs: Shooter plugs are designed for hunters and shooters who want amplification as well as hearing protection. Advanced digital technology allows for environmental awareness while simultaneously protecting your hearing from gun blasts. Available in custom-fit in-the-ear models for ultimate comfort.

In addition to these plugs, we also offer different types of plugs, including in-ear monitors, custom earpieces for headphones, pilot headset earmolds, etc.