Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Consultation and SelectionBased on the degrees and configuration of hearing loss, lifestyle, communication needs and budget, our audiologists and hearing aid dispenser will work with patients to determine the best hearing aids for their situations. Patient may be shown different styles of hearing aids and have the opportunity to try different hearing aids in the office and in their real-world situations for up to 45 days. At Microtone we carry the most advanced “evidence-based” digital hearing instrument technology available.

clear220Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting
At Microtone Audiology, programming hearing aids means objectively verifying that the hearing aids provide our patients with sufficient audibility through a technique called “live speech mapping, otherwise known as “Real Ear Measurement,” and subjectively validating the benefits they receive from using the hearing aids.

Live Speech Mapping
Because every human being has unique features, the size and the shape of an individual’s ear canal plays an essential role in hearing aid fitting. The gold-standard  includes a technique called “Real-Ear Measurement” or “Live Speech Mapping”. Real-Ear Measurements utilize tiny microphones to allow us to measure what the hearing aid is delivering to the eardrum, taking into account the acoustic properties of the individual’s outer ear and ear canal.  Without this measurement, there is no way to know whether a hearing aid is providing sufficient audibility across the frequencies where hearing loss occurs.


Counseling on the Use and Care of Hearing Aids
Following the fitting appointment, our clinician follows up with the patients every one or two weeks until they have mastered all the skills needed to handle their hearing aids.  The skills include the insertion/removal of hearing aids, batteries, maintenance and care. Patients will also be counseled regarding different communication techniques to improve their hearing in real-world situations.

If patients are dissatisfied with their hearing aid(s), a clinician will encourage them (within the first 30 days) to either try something different, or allow the necessary physical or acoustic adjustments. Since Microtone Audiology carries multiple manufacturers and all available styles, a clinician may opt to make a change for our new patients. Once patients are happy with the sound quality and the physical fit of the hearing aids, a clinician sees patients regularly every 3-4 months to clean and/or adjust their hearing aids at no extra charge…a service that continues for the life of the hearing aids.