Hearing Assistive Technology

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Hearing assistive technology are devices that can help hearing easier in the complex or noisy environments. The devices can be used with or without hearing aids.

  • Personal FM systems – The personal FM system consists of a transmitter microphone used by the speaker (such as the teacher in the classroom, or the speaker at a lecture) and a receiver used by the listener. The receiver transmits the sound to the listener’s ears, or if the listener wears hearing aid(s), directly to the hearing aid(s).  FM systems are useful in a variety of situations, such as in a classroom lecture, in a restaurant, in a sales meeting, or in a nursing home or senior center.
  • Wireless accessories for hearing devices – Different hearing aid manufacturers offer a variety of wireless technology to provide unlimited access to the growing world of communication and entertainment. Telephone and television accessories, for instance, wirelessly transmit the sound of the phone or television directly to the wearer’s hearing aid(s). This means patients can now enjoy a completely new level of hearing, a direct input of sounds, without noise or feedback.
  • Amplified Telephones – Through the California Telephone Access Program, a clinician at Microtone can help patients obtain free specialized phones that make it easier to hear and stay connected with their loved ones.