Just for You

Your ears are as unique to you as your fingerprints, yet when it comes to hearing care, so many of us opt for “simple”, cookie-cutter solutions that don’t address that uniqueness.

Everything about your hearing is specific to you; from the shape of your ears to the auditory environment to which you’re exposed – even the way you brain perceives and process what you are hearing is your own. If that uniqueness isn’t accounted for, then your hearing wellness solution may be incomplete or flat out wrong. Worse yet, a misdiagnosed condition could overlook a broader health issue, or squander the opportunity to slow or even reverse your hearing loss.

At Microtone, our primary concern is to provide the very best care available to our patients. To that end, we stay abreast of all the latest technological and scientific developments in our industry – hand-picking the highest quality, most versatile, contemporary solutions. We employ the most sophisticated testing and diagnostic equipment available – ensuring that not only do you have the right device for your needs, but it is fitted and programmed perfectly for you.


All About You

While much of our industry centers around the retail sale of hearing aids, Microtone’s primary focus is on the wellness of our patients. This patient-centric approach is the DNA of our practice and dictates everything we do, from our comprehensive testing to our personalized fitting to the free care and maintenance for the lifetime of every hearing aid we sell.

At Microtone, we employ highly trained Doctors of Audiology to identify not only hearing loss, but hearing disorders and medical conditions involving the outer, middle, and inner ear. This makes dispensing hearing aids a part of our practice and not the sum of what we do. Other services include:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations for both adult and pediatric populations
  • Tinnitus evaluation and consultation
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Balance function testing
  • Hearing conservation and custom ear protection

Through our diagnostic testing and exams we routinely identify medically treatable hearing conditions that a dispenser might otherwise miss. With many of these conditions, time is of the essence and delaying treatment can result in increased, irreversible damage. By partnering with multiple Ear Nose & Throat Physicians in the area we can quickly get you the appropriate treatment needed to help you avoid unnecessary hearing loss.

When it comes to your hearing, would you rather be treated as a consumer or a patient? At Microtone, we think your hearing is too precious to treat as a commodity.


There for You

At Microtone, we don’t just sell you something and send you on your way. We are there for you from start to finish. We help you identify your specific issues, educate you on the possible solutions and help you choose the right option that fits your budget and needs.

Should you need to be fitted with hearing aids, all our devices include our lifetime service plan which includes regular follow up visits to clean and/or adjust your device at no extra charge…a service that continues for the life of the hearing aids – see details here.

Get the right solution, the best care and service and a great team of folks that will be there for you on Your Journey to Better Hearing.

Start your journey today.