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“Since becoming your patient, my hearing experience has improved dramatically. As you know, I have used hearing aids since 2005, but never achieved the results that I am now getting with the Oticon products.

This hearing aid and your computerized adjustments has made a great overall improvement in my ability to hear in a more normal way. The technology is simply amazing.

This improved ability to hear has greatly normalized my ability to communicate with my wife at home and in social settings. I look forward to our continuing relationship.”

Billy F. Moore

“I can now hear: the paper crumble… my toothbrush drop on the counter…the loose head on the shower which I never heard before…the quartz clock “ticking” by my bed which I wasn’t hearing before. I now keep the television and car radio volume lower. People and relatives say that they are now able to hear me because I talk much softer on the phone. I notice that I do not have to ask people to repeat what they said anymore. Now when I drive my truck I can tell it’s a diesel engine and not a regular motor. I can also hear much clearer on the phone!”
Richard Duarte

“I just wanted to thank you for giving your valuable time to examine my mother’s hearing problem. We are all in your debt. She has her first appointment next week for her cochlear implant evaluation. Thank you again!”
Bill Peters

“The Microtone VOZ hearing devices I have been fitted with provide excellent range and quality of sound. The professionalism I have experienced with Joel Duguay far exceeded my expectations. I have referred friends to Joel and associates.”
Ronn Westhart

“After suffering from the pain of shingles for over five years, and taking care of my husband of 62 years who passed away due to cancer last year, I decided to get hearing aids. I can’t say how much better I feel physically and mentally since I’ve had my hearing improved.

Joel Duguay of Microtone Hearing Aid Center examined and fitted me for two hearing aids and I have worn them every day with complete satisfaction!”

Virginia Neal

Dear Dr. Duguay,

Wow! The grass really is greener over the next Technology Hill! When I came to Microtone Audiology 5 years ago for my first hearing devices, I was excited and delighted with the results. At that time, I purchased the Widex Passion, and they were reliable and very effective. I no longer had to feel stressed about conversations and other auditory input I was missing.

This year my curiosity drove me to explore the extent to which auditory aide technology had advanced in 5 years. I tried and purchased from you the very new Widex Unique. I was amazed at the difference! The entire spectrum of sound in my environment has come alive again. My brain tells me this is how it was before my hearing acuity deteriorated. It is so enlivening to hear the tiny vibrant sounds I haven’t been aware of in so long (even wearing quality devices). I can clearly hear conversation a room or two away and distinguish different bird calls in my yard. The Unique determines what is needed in my environment of the moment, be it a crowded restaurant, listening to music, TV, or being out in the wind where words are usually blown away. The process and pleasure of wearing these little micro-processors is so seamless, I forget I need them until I take them off. Then it is like being wrapped in cotton- blunted and blurry sound.

I appreciate the research that Microtone Audiology does that keeps your hearing devices on the cutting edge of technology, and I value the expertise and care with which you personally fit them. As always, then answers to my questions are only a phone call away. Thank you.

Very truly yours,

(Ms.) Brenda Paschall

“A thank you to Dr. Brian Duguay for his excellent service and caring manner in providing my Mother with appropriate hearing aids for her situation. He blessed our family with a true gift enabling my Mom to hear again and join in family conversations.

Thank you,”

Lynn Leal

” ‘Mom, please get your ears checked’, my daughter told me many times. I could hear but couldn’t understand the words clearly.

I called Microtone Hearing Aid Center and met Joel Duguay who gave me a hearing test, and he said that hearing aids would help. I was fitted with WIDEX hearing aids. They are small, easy to fit and even come with a remote control to adjust the volume.

Don’t wait like I did. My hearing aids opened another world for me.”

Evelyne Carroll

“Dear Brian, I haven’t forgotten your kindness, nor will I ever. Blessings,”
Millie Peters

To: Brian Duguay, AUD

November 11, 2014

“I have total deafness in one ear and 30% hearing loss in the other “Good” ear. Five years ago I was fitted with special Phonak (BICROS) hearing aids at a university audiology clinic. The hearing aid in my deaf ear really is a microphone that transmits sound wirelessly to the actual true hearing aid in my other “so-called good ear” with the diminished hearing. I had to drive many miles to that clinic for adjustments several times over the three years that I had them.

Two years ago, I visited Dr. Brian Duguay who ordered a new pair of smaller BICROS hearing aids. They were a great improvement over my first pair in their smaller size and weight, comfort, and better hearing with the new digital processor. More importantly, Dr. Duguay saw me as often as necessary to make adjustments in the hearing aids with his state-of-the-art software and computer technology in his Napa office. Joel Duguay, Gail and Layla participated in my care, and they are all integral and important members of the team.

The adjustments to the hearing aids are as important in the perception of sound as the hearing aids themselves, in my opinion. The great bonus is that I can be treated here in Napa and be assured at these professionals are every bit as good as or better than my previous university audiology clinic.”


Harold Fox

To: Brian Duguay, AUD

January 21, 2015

“Approximately 9 months ago I had a hearing test, and the results were not what I expected. I have developed a high-frequency hearing loss. This means I have trouble with the sounds that come off the teeth like s, f, p, and th. My wife was telling me I was hearing the wrong words. Four instance “something’s on the floor.” Was heard by me as someone at the floor.” I was given an appointment with Microtone and went for a consultation. I met with the Microtome staff and Brian Duguay, and I was immediately impressed with their professionalism. Brian was thorough and worked with me to find the device that met my needs and could be adjusted as my needs change. So many of my friends have hearing aids that live in a drawer.

After much discussion Brian suggested I start with Widex. This device would allow him to have greater control over my high-frequency hearing loss. They are comfortable and light. They are small and hard to detect when one is wearing them. My big surprise came about 1 week after I started wearing them. We were in a noisy restaurant with a group of friends. My sound adjustment was forward. However the loud cacophony of sounds was lessened significantly by Widex. I could hear people across the table but also at each end. When talking or listening across the table someone would ask me a question I could hear it plainly and respond. This is truly amazing my wife would not believe it. I had to take my hearing aids out to verify what I was hearing. This gives soft modulated sounds like simple conversation a boost and at the same time suppresses background noise and sound. I have so many friends that have told me their hearing aids only amplify everything.

Widex and Microtone will be there so that I will be able to use the same hearing aids as I age and have them adjusted appropriately. I have been back to Microtone a number of times for “Tweaking” of my devices. They are always eager to help and are aware that hearing loss and hearing aids can be frustrating. I tried another hearing aid specialist and they just did not have the attention to detail that I get Microtone.”


P.S I can hear the turn signal.

Edwin Carlson

“As a physician, I have long been committed to the healing arts. But Microtone goes far beyond the adage ‘do no harm’ and transforms this sacred philosophical mandate to “do as much good as possible.”

I am writing to you to support your extraordinary office. Microtone Audiology merges state-of-the-art advanced hearing technology with personal attention and staff dedicated to quality service.

It is not just that you want people to have improved hearing. Microtone understands that the ability to hear well is a wondrous gift. You firmly believe that impaired hearing should be restored to the highest level possible and you have the skills to make it so. Simply, you are an exemplary group of “hearing healers” who are dedicated to assisting each patient in listening to the sounds of joy that help make life truly lived.

Napa and Lake County are fortunate to have the expertise and personal care of the Microtone staff in their communities.”

(Author of Contact: The First Four Minutes, The Art of Condolence, FEMA – Management of Post Disaster Stress, and editor of Finding Clarity. Former Assistant to the CA Director of Mental Health and Senior Psychiatric Consultant to CA Special Investigations Unit and State Department.)

Leonard M. Zunin, MD


“I’m 76 and for the past 5 years I have been using a set of hearing aids purchased from COSTCO. I began noticing that my hearing appeared to be getting worse and decided to have a new check-up. I did that with Dr. Carl Ermshar in St. Helena. The actual ‘test’ was conducted by Brian Duguay of Microtone.

Brian explained in some detail what my hearing problem was and how that could be corrected with new state of the art hearing devices. I set up an appointment to have Brian demonstrate these new hearing aids. At the end of that session I purchased a set of Widex Passion hearing aids.

I have been wearing my new Passions for two weeks and could not be more pleased. I am now hearing ‘bird sounds’ and even ‘clicking’ of my car turn indicators a€“ that had been lost in the past couple of years.

I also sing in two choirs and my old hearing aids were driving me crazy! My new Passions have returned the Joy of Music both singing and listening.

I would highly recommend Brian, his brother, Joel, and his father, Michael to anyone needing hearing assistance.”

Don Fraser

“Recently I bought 2 new Widex hearing aids from Microtone Hearing Aid Center in Napa. I was given a 30 day trial period to see if I liked them. I have very small ear canals and with my last hearing aid I had a lot of feedback.

I’ll have to say I am very happy with my new hearing aids… very rarely do I have feedback and the sound is very natural. In fact while on vacation in Utah, in the quiet early morning, my family had just got out of the car to go on a hike. We all heard a quiet rustling noise, but I was the first to detect what it was!! It was the rustling of the quaking Aspen trees! Ah!!!…Music to my ears! To think that I was the first to detect what the noise was. Like a miracle to me.”

Ester Brunswick

“I want to express my appreciation for the way you folks do business! I have been involved with sound since the 1950’s. First as an entertainer then in the late 70’s as a dispenser of hearing aids.

When I was told that I needed hearing assistance I was like a lot of folks that said,”who me”?

It took a lot of persuasion by my wife, but I finally took the leap and made an appointment. Through the testing procedure I discovered that I was missing a lot of what was said, and much of the music I truly love.

You were wonderfully competent and easy to like, taking your time, explaining and answering all my questions. How things have changed! Through your computer programing and several different circuits, I can now adapt the sound so that I can hear in virtually any situation.

Your after sale and trial period service is greatly to be admired. The few times I have needed an adjustment in the last two years, it was quickly and expertly done.

I have recommended you to my friends and will continue to do so. Please feel free to make my phone number or email available to those who want to talk to one of your very happy clients.

O yes; I’m 71 years old and wish I had done this years sooner!”

Don Nichols

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